Here at Capital, we manufacture and fit our kitchens, bedrooms and custom fitted wardrobes ourselves, providing an honest and reliable service with big savings for our customers. This cuts out the middle man and save you money. We are the only quality fitted furniture specialist offering prices up to 30% cheaper than the high street. Unlike many bedroom fitters in London, our staff do not work on a commission basis, which enables us to keep our prices low and our clients happy.


Capital Bedrooms & Kitchens’ Fantastic Offers, on all Made-to-measure Quality Furniture.

Here at Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd we like to be transparent towards our customers, this is one of our recent projects where we did a 4 sliding door run and 3 meter high in stanmore, London. In the above pictures you will also see a matching study table unit and internal storage solution.

The price for the full project came to around the £3k mark, whereas in normal ceiling heights you probably looking at  £2500 .

This is just one of the examples of our previous works with price indication, call us or visit our showroom to see many more color ranges and different ideas for your new bedroom furniture.


Fitted Bedroom Furniture in High Gloss White and Matching Double Chest Drawers!

This is one of the recent works examples carried out by Capital Bedrooms in Anfield, In the pictures above we have completed fitted bedroom furniture in a white high gloss with a beech internal carcass.

This stunning example of immaculate white high gloss wardrobes with matching bedside cabinets or double chest drawers can be achieved within the price range of  £2200  inclusive of supply and fit.

All of our fitted furniture is subject to a 10 years guarantee and comes in different colours of gloss or matte finishes, for further information please call us on 0208 998 1138 or alternatively visit our showroom for full specs of colours and accessories.


Fitted Furniture In White Avola Wood Range With External Matching Mirrors!

We at Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd simply believe in finding fitted furniture solutions of your desire and requirements, in this typical scenario we had a ceiling height of 2.8 meters. We have proudly completed this wardrobe without compromising on the length of our wardrobes, in fact we have given them tailor made solutions by all means whether its internals or exterior posture.

These made to measure extra tall wardrobes with additional top cupboards and your choice of internal design layout and internal fittings, with a choice of two internal or external mirrors is achievable in a price range of  £2000  supply and fit.


The Ultimate Shaker Style Doors With A Modern Inframe Style In Painted Eggshell White Matt Finish!

This is a top example of our quality workmanship and a fine example of fitted wardrobes at their best. This is an exclusive traditional shaker style wardrobe which has been modified to accommodate extra surroundings to create a built inframe system; this requirement was designed by our top designers based on customer specifications.

This extraordinarily set of hinge wardrobes and demanding bespoke wardrobe solution was one of our premier installations at the price tag of  £2800  all inclusive of fittings and internals.

Is there any particular design which you have seen at exhibitions or glossy magazines but you could not achieve because of standard or set sizes, please come to us with your specifications and we guarantee we will be able to achieve full specifications of your choice at very competitive prices and the best quality possible.


A Contemporary Fitted Sliding Wardrobe In Dark Wenge and Pure White Glass Split 50/50 With Elegant Décor Bars

As a manufacturer we proudly offer our customers to bring up any special designs or ideas when it comes to fitted furniture, this is one of the perfect examples when a fitted sliding wardrobe has been made to order to in detail specs. Our client was determined to use dark wenge carcasses inside out and high spec modern sliding doors.

This marvelous, modern fitted sliding wardrobe is within the price ranges of  £2400  supply and fit.

We are here to cater you and your needs of fitted furniture solutions, we offer many more different colours and finishes in different styles and yet very competitive on pricing.


A Classic Fitted Wardrobe In Dark Walnut With Shaker Style Doors

A true example of traditional and sleek fitted wardrobe furniture in dark walnut and shaker style is the perfect solution for storage cupboards and we also have matching furniture such as bedside cabinets, Chester drawers or even dresser units all fully made to order.

This is one of the fine examples of bedroom closets supplied and fitted with matching carcasses and internal specs for the price range of  £1600  all inclusive.

We at Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd love to offer you 100% satisfaction and top quality products at reasonable prices, why not visit our showroom for inspirational designs and choices of massive colour ranges as well as styles.


A Gorgeous Run of 3 Doors Fitted Sliding Wardrobe

A-gourgeous-run-of-3-door-fitted-sliding-wardrobes-1024x768When it comes to optimising your dedicated wardrobe space in an elegant or a stylish way, this is one of the most common examples or affiliate product for the average English bedrooms. In this particular fitted sliding wardrobe set, it has been designed to get the desirable taste by mixing panels and glass and of course with huge internal storage space.

This wall to wall run of fitted sliding wardrobes from 2700 to 3 meter long is under offer by Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd for a price tag of  £2200  supply and fit with 100 of different variations of colour, glass and wood veneers to choose from.

For further information on different glass colours or either wood species, please contact us on 0208 998 1138 or visit our showroom for complete in depth viewing.


A Heart-Warming Bedroom Closet in Mild Colours Enhanced With Smart Lighting System

enhanced-view-of-center-wardrobes1-220x210At Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd we strongly believe inthe variety of our fitted furniture and also mix up with the optimize solutions of the modern DNA, This heart-warming bedroom furniture is very unique in taste and adaptable to your lifestyle, we have a few more examples in our showroom which can modernise the way we use to hang our clothes.

The cost of these elegant bedroom cupboards with sliding doors, lighting, fittings and bespoke internal solution is available at a fraction of the cost of  £2400 .

We would like to assure you from distance that we also have 100’s of different styles and colours to choose from and most importantly within your budget, please ring us to make a free designer no obligation visit.


A Perfect Example of High Quality Walk In Wardrobe in Rich Dark Wood Veneer Walnut

A-perfect-example-of-high-quality-walk-in-wardrobe-in-rich-dark-wood-veneer-walnutA walk in wardrobe closet at its best in regards to the specifications as well as the quality of the wood itself, we pride ourselves in meeting the demands of our clients and specifications in detail of each and every project we carry, not only this stunning wardrobe is a warm and welcoming furniture set but it holds top internal designs such as pull out shoe racks, hangings, partitions, shelving and internal drawer units.

We are happy to reveal that this recent work has been carried out using solely using wood veneers of 30mm thickness comes to a figure of  £4800  whereas a normal mfc 18mm carcass would cost around  £2200  supply and fit.

As we mentioned before Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens Ltd has a vast variety of products and styles to choose for every taste, desire and budget.


A Beautiful Example of Made to Measure Wardrobes in a Golden Maple Gloss and Decorative Light Panel

A-beautiful-example-of-made-to-measure-wardrobes-in-a-golden-maple-gloss-1024x768This is a brilliant layout of fitted wardrobes with a decorative alcove instead of a side panel. It comes with smart spotlights which are ideal for lighting the wardrobes when you access the internals.

The price of this gorgeous bedroom furniture is  £2300  inclusive of fittings, lighting and glass shelves.

Whatever your tastes are we guarantee to cater you with a top solution for your next fitted wardrobes.